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The Church of the Hollywood B Cowboy (Volume 1)

Church Of The Hollywood B Cowboy (Logo)

Johnny Mack Brown - Comic Book CoverThe Church of the Hollywood B Cowboy is a loving salute to the men and women who created those one-hour movies so popular in the ’30s and ’40s.

Gene Autry, Roy Rogers, Tex Ritter … they’re all here with a focus on those long ago days.

Your podcast podner, John Mack Flanagan — who was named after B Star Johnny Mack Brown — has spent thirty years studying these Silver Screen Heroes, and now he’s sharing great stories and a lifetime of memories in this exclusive series.

Saddle up! Ride like the wind! The Church of the Hollywood B Cowboy!

Here’s Episode 1:

And here’s Episode 2:

Here comes Episode 3:

Rollin’ out Episode 4:

Here comes big Episode 5:

In Episode 6, John Mack Flanagan talks about building your B Western movie library:

John Mack discusses the life and career of Bill Cody (the “Reel Bill Cody,” not the showman “Buffalo Bill”) and salutes silent westerns in Episode 7:

Episode 8 continues our look back on the silent westerns:

Episode 9:

Episode 10 (the final reel of Volume 1):


Download the podcasts:

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Download Episode 7 | Download Episode 8
Download Episode 9 | Download Episode 10
John Mack Flanagan (Photo)
John Mack Flanagan (front and center) with the bunkhouse boys at the Banta Inn

John Mack Flanagan (Logo)

John Mack Flanagan is a legendary Top 40 disc jockey – he starred on San Francisco’s KFRC during its 1970s heyday, when it was named Billboard magazine’s Station of the Year four times – as well as being widely acknowledged as one of the world’s foremost experts on western movies and cowboy (and cowgirl) actors.

Tight and Bright Book Cover Art (John Mack Flanagan)

John is also the author of the acclaimed autobiography, “Tight & Bright: A Disc Jockey Vietnam Memoir,” which chronicles his life from humble beginnings in New Mexico to the battle-scarred jungles of Vietnam, through his ultimate success on one of the greatest stations in the history of broadcasting and his election into the Bay Area Radio Hall of Fame.

John Mack Flanagan passed away in March 2018 after a lengthy battle with several health issues. Click here to read a tribute to John.

Hollywood Cowboy On Horse (Image)

Here are some of those fabled actors and actresses that John will be covering in his podcast:

• Bob Allen
• Rex Allen
• Gene Autry
• Bob Baker
• Smith Ballew
• Jim Bannon
• Don Barry
• Buzz Barton
• Sammy Baugh
• Rex Bell
• William Boyd (Hopalong Cassidy)
• Johnny Mack Brown
• Jay Wilsey (Buffalo Bill, Jr.)
• Rod Cameron
• Harry Carey
• Johnny Carpenter
• Sunset Carson
• Lane Chandler
• Bill Cody
• Spade Cooley
• Ray ‘Crash’ Corrigan
• Buster Crabbe
• Ken CurtisCattle Call Logo With Cowboy
• Bob Custer
• Eddie Dean
• Eddie Dew
• ‘Wild Bill’ Elliott
• James Ellison
• Tex Fletcher (The Lonely Cowboy)
• Dick Foran
• Hoot Gibson
• Kirby Grant
• Monte Hale
• Russell Hayden
• Tim Holt
• George Houston (The Lone Rider)
• Jack & Al Hoxie
• Herb Jeffries (The Bronze Buckaroo)
• Buck Jones
• Tom Keene
• John Kimbrough
• John ‘Dusty’ King
• Allan ‘Rocky’ Lane
• Lash LaRue
• Rex Lease
• Bob Livingston
• Jack Luden
• Ken Maynard
• Kermit Maynard
• Tim McCoy
• Tom Mix
• Clayton Moore
• George Montgomery
• Wayne Morris
• James Newill
• Dave ‘Tex’ O’Brien
• George O’Brien
• Dorothy Page (The Singing Cowgirl)
• Jack Perrin
• Lee ‘Lone Ranger’ Powell
• John Preston (Morton of the Mounted)
• Jack Randall
• Monte Rawlins (The Masked Phantom)
• Duncan Renaldo
• Tex Ritter
• Roy Rogers
• Buddy Roosevelt
• Reb Russell
• Fred Scott
• Robert Shayne
• Dave Sharpe
• Charles Starrett (The Durango Kid)
• Bob Steele
• Tom Tyler
• Jimmy Wakely
• Wally Wales (Hal Taliaferro)
• James Warren
• John Wayne … in the 1930s
• Ted Wells
• Ray Whitley
• Guinn ‘Big Boy’ Williams
• Tex Williams
• Whip Wilson