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The New Cowpoke Radio T-Shirts Are Here!

We been waitin’ for the snappy new Cowpoke Radio T-shirts to arrive, and the UPS driver dumped off a big box of ’em on Thursday.

After we all went through and stole what we wanted, we were going to set some out on a table out front with a sign saying $25 each, but then some folks stopped by from the Banta Inn and knocked on the door to get in and we forgot that we can’t let nobody in to buy some on account of the coronervirus.

So, instead, what you have to do is go to the website that does the shirts for us and order a couple for yourself and your best girl (they have girl sizes) and maybe for your kids and the dog so we can make a few bucks off ’em.

And, dang it, they’re pretty good-looking, if we do say so ourself. The shirts feature Luke The Singin’ Cowpoke right there on the front, with “Cowpoke Radio” written in writing that makes it look like it was written in rope.

Click right about here to visit the Cowpoke Radio T-Shirt Store.

Cowpoke Radio T-Shirt (Photo)
Ugly Jimmy wearing the Cowpoke Radio T-shirt in man size
Cowpoke Radio T-Shirt (Photo)
Here’s Miss Mae Belle (Aunt Clem’s other niece) wearing a Cowpoke Radio T-shirt to prove they also come in sizes fit for ladies and women.

23 thoughts on “The New Cowpoke Radio T-Shirts Are Here!

  1. Just heard about you last night on a Chicago station.
    You make an old man smile!
    Glen Gosa
    Manchester, Georgia

    1. Gracias, Glen! Kind of a kick in the old trousers that a station in Chicago would be talking about a little-bitty pea-shooter in little-bitty Banta!

      ~~~ COTTON ~~~

    1. Hello again, I just saw someone’s comment about black T-shirts. I was hoping for that in sweatshirts or hoodies. That would be fantastic!

  2. I’m really enjoying your station and all the music that speaks to me in these strange times, I call it Americana music whenever anyone asks me, what are you listening to? It transports me back to a simpler time when men were men and women were pretty and nobody was just waiting around to be offended by anything.
    Please keep doing what you guys do, your a blessing in disguise. ๐Ÿ‘

    1. Well, bless your heart for saying such nice things! It’s our honor to be doing this, and I’m hoping it’s just a blessing in disguise until we can take off these masks once the coronervirus is dead and gone.

      Thanks for tuning us in!


  3. Hello, I’ve been listening know for only about 2, 3 months, maybe 4……… I first saw the station on Tunein, hooked ever since. Love it, love it! Who’s ever the producer is your doing a great job. Thanks to you and yours staff. I’m ready to buy some appreal. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Found you on TuneIn radio here in North Carolina. Love it. A really great mix of programming effort. Nothing else I have found is as good and telling everyone I can about you. Going to order t-shirts for support but have a suggestion. Make some with your logo on the front and Gene Autry’s cowboy code on the back. That would be cool and inspiring gifts for kids. Please keep up the good work.

    1. Mr. Duke, sir…

      Thank you right kindly for your nice words about our musical offerings. Much obliged!

      That’s a right swell idea about Gene Artery’s Cowboy Code, but we can’t put it on none of our shirts on account of Gene still has attorneys that guard his stuff and come after those who infringe on his trademarks and copyrights.

      You can get stuff with Gene’s brand on it on his website:


      ++++ COTTON ++++

  5. You have one excellent radio station. I discovered you about 3-4 years ago. I have turned on many friends to this station filled with music I love!!

    Oh….It was me who gave “Cowpoke Radio” a big plug on my friends late night talk radio show on WGN 720AM in Chicago a year or so ago. WGN is a powerhouse AM station that covers much of the USA. My friend is Rollye James hosts a talk/music show weeknights 10PM-1 AM Weeknights on WGN 720 AM. I’m happy that got you some well deserved attention.
    I assure you that I will call her again soon & give your great station another mention that may attract more listeners! Can’t beat that for free advertising. I’m more impressed with your station than everything else out there. Love your website too.
    Personally I listen to you on my Grace Internet radios.

    My Best to all of you.

    1. Well, gee whiz, Johnny G — we are truly much obliged to you for spreading the word about Cow Pokin’ Radio, and for your kindly words!!!

      Next time you’re way out west and find yourself roaming the dusty streets of Greater Downtown Banta, knock on our window, give us a wave, and we’ll drag you in and fit you up for a Cowpook T-shirt and maybe wander on over for a sasparilla or two or a beer (or three) on us over to the friendly Banta Inn crosst the street.

      If you knock on the window and we ain’t there, go on and galivant over to the Banta Inn and ask for me by name. I’ll be the old cuss havin’ another beer at the bar.

      Giddyup go,

      ++++ COTTONMOUTH ๐Ÿ๐ŸŒต KID ++++

  6. Hello Back From Johnny In Texas!

    It’s Thursday Night/Friday Morning 12/15-12/16 2022. I just got off the air with my friend Rollye James on WGN AM 720 in Chicago. We got to talk much about great true Country & Western music from long ago. Rollye gave me the time to say quite a bit about along with mentions of Cottonseed Clark plus his writing of “Texarkana Baby” by Eddy Arnold & more of his history.

    Rollye worked with Charlie Rich back in the 1970’s when he was on Epic Records. She had some very “Unique” stories about Charlie that she shared. If you check out her website you may be able to hear my entire conversation we had live on the air. Look under her podcasts & Thursday 12/15 and hopefully you can hear my excitement for your great station. I’m hoping some real country music lovers will check out KWPX. By the way, Thank you so much for your invitation to come see Banta.

    I would love to meet you & talk great music & good times from long ago. I have told many friends personally about your station & they love it as well. If you happen to have “She’s Lookin’ Better By The Minute” by Jay Lee Webb from ’69 on Decca Records I would like to hear it in the mix. Happy Holidays To You & All! Johnny In Texas

  7. Howdy Cowboy! This is Blade here in Houston, TX. I heard about your station from Johnny Goyen. He and I worked together at KFMK radio as on-air talents in the 80’s and 90’s. Years before that on KIKK, a very popular country radio station here in Houston all through the 60s & 70’s. My wife and her mom listen to you guys on a regular basis. I have to tell you that your station is fantastic! I tell my friends about your station every chance that I get. Keep the great country music going. You’re the best! Please try to play Beer Drinkin’ Music by Ray Sanders sometime.

    1. Blade —

      Buddy! Thanks for the mighty fine words – we appreciate you and Mrs. Blade and the mom-in-law for listening in.

      We had “Beer Drinkinโ€™ Music” by Ray Sanders sitting on the old 45 rack gathering dust, so we wiped it off with a kleenex and put it back in heavy rotation. That was a top-notch recommendation indeed!

      You’re the best, friend!!!

      ~~~ CoTToN MouTh ~~~

  8. The best that there is (Real Country) music!! Thanks so much!! This station helps bring me back to the America I know & love…. I do have one request, “Don’t let the stars get in your Eyeball sockets” By. Homer & Jethro ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for all you guys & gals do to being us the best Country from when it still had Western in it!

  9. Greetings from a chilly Norway!

    The webradio is a great invention, after all…

    A country radio with Webb Pierce and Kitty Wells, and no Blake Shelton and Carry Underclothes!


  10. Og hilsen fra vakre Banta!

    Det er en flott tid รฅ vรฆre i live. Takk for at du lyttet, venn!


    ~~~~ De Bomull Munn Gutt* ~~~~

    * โ€“ A poor translation of “The Cotton Mouth Kid.”

  11. A great channel that would benefit from some Wylie & The Wild West tunes!

    1. Much obliged, Yogi!

      SEnd us over every record they recorded in the 1950s and 1960s, and we’ll start playin’ ’em A-S-A-P!

      ~~~~ EL COTTON MOUTH ~~~~

  12. Thanks for the effort! (Bomullsmunngutten, actually)

    Keep up keeping the sound pure. And what a nice town Banta seems to be, couldn’t be further from the glossy California witin Californias statelines.

    Have a cold one (or ten) for me at the Inn, and give Vernon Oxford a spin!

  13. I’m up here in Sheshequin Pennsylvania. My gal found you on the computer and gave me your Internet address for Valentines Day. What a gift? GREAT musical selection! If I was sick and laid up in bed I swear most of the tunes would make me get up and dance! Couldn’t help myself.

    1. Al, old pal…

      We’re hopin’ that the tappity foot ain’t on account of you’alls tryin’ to stave off the frost bite in your lower extremities!

      Next time you’re way out west, hope you’ll stop by Banta and have an ice-cold beer with us … on us, of course!

      ==== El CoTTonmouth Keed ====

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