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Sacramento’s KRAK Country Radio

KRAK 1140 Logo (Image)
KRAK 1140 Logo (Circa 1962)

In Northern California back in the 1950s and 1960s, listeners had their choice of numerous radio stations playing both kinds of music — Country and Western.

Among those stations were KEEN in San Jose; KVSM in San Mateo; KSAY in San Francisco; KTRB in Modesto; KCEY in Turlock; and mighty KRAK in Sacramento.

KRAK began its life down Highway 99 in Stockton, operating as KGDM. It moved to Sacramento in 1962, with a boost of power to 50,000 watts, allowing it to blanket much of the upstate area with its huge signal.

The station incorporated its 1140 spot on the AM dial into its catchy jingles, singing out “Crack Radio, Eleven-Four-Oh!” every chance they could.

KRAK changed formats in the mid-1990s and became Hot Talk KHTK. It is currently running a Sports format and is the flagship station of the NBA’s Sacramento Kings.

Here’s a solid half-hour of Jerry Lang on Country KRAK from June 5, 1964, rolling into the three o’clock hour:


KRAK Country Radio Music Survey (Image)
The KRAK Corral of Country Hits Survey (May 25, 1963)


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  1. Much obliged for the KRAK radio history. I remember going back and forth from Livermore to Reno, riding in my dads 1958 Cadillac Coupe with the auto slide bar asking my dad if i could change the station, instead of KRAK!!! But I remember the songs

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