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Hank Williams (Photo)
Hank Williams and the Mother’s Best Flour gang

Folks ask us all the darn time, “Hey, The Cowpoke, what’s your schedule of the programs that you all play on your radio station there?”

And we say, well, 92.785% of the time we play nothing but old Country & Western records.

But what about the other 7.215% of the time?

Well, those hours and minutes are filled up with special programs such as Grand Ole Opry Classics, the Cowpoke Classic Western Theater, the Clear Out West Radio Show, All-Star Western Theater, the Mother’s Best Sunrise Show with Hank Williams, and some other stuff that kind of escapes my mind right now.

So, to answer your question formally, you all can click here and have a gander at our program schedule. (It’s also on the menu up at the top of every page here, under the “About The Cowpoke” deedly-boober, except maybe if you’re looking at this on your transistor cellphone radio device.)

And if there’s a show we should be running that we ain’t running, drop us a line and let us know.

Legendary Las Vegas Cowpoke (Cartoon)


7 thoughts on “KWPX Broadcast Schedule

  1. Hi There, just a few minutes ago you played a song, probably called, “Sweet Love”. It’s kinda up-tempo. Could you please tell me who the singer/band is? Thanks from The Netherlands!

    1. Larry,

      Greetings from friendly Banta!

      That’s one of my favorites, too – “Sweet Love,” credited to Glen Ayers, but it’s actually our hero Red Simpson singing lead, with The Keynotes backing him.

      I’m not sure who the sweet-sounding girl singer is, but she provides the too-cute response vocal that puts the song over the top.

      It was released on Bakersfield’s Tally Records in 1957, with Glen Ayers and Red Simpson credited as the composers. Glen reportedly got the artist credit because he contracted the studio time. If the story is correct, Glen was the drummer on the recording.

      You can hear it in all its glory at:

      Happy trails to you,

      The Cottonmouth Kid

      1. The sweet-sounding singer is Bonnie (Campbell) Owens.
        You can also hear a better cut here Has a credit to Cowpoke Radio and some historical info:

  2. Howdy from SF Bay Area California! Hoping others find you as I have as a result of watching Ken Burns’ PBS Country Music documentary that finished airing yesterday.

    1. Jojo,

      We have enjoyed a healthy up-tick in listenership over the past several days – and we have to think that the PBS series has attracted quite a few new folks to The Cowpoke. Heck, when I watched it, Mrs. Cottonmouth had to shush me from saying “We play that tune! We play that tune!” every time a song came on during the show!

      ===== COTTON =====

  3. Hi Cowpoke radio crew-

    Just discovered your wonderful old time broadcast 24/7. I drive a truck in overnight hours in the central valley and your station and format remind of the overnight trucker radio programs when AM ruled the waves. Keep it up, love listening.

    Thank you,
    Frisco Steve

    1. Howdeeee Frisco!

      We appreciate you! Drive safe and stop by for a tall cold one next time you’re rollin’ through — on us!

      ~~~ COTTON ~~~

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