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Office Phone: 209-573-6040 (toll-free in the greater Banta-Carbona metropolitan area)

We are also on The Face Book so you can gossip and nag and jibber-jabber and what-not with us there. Click here to befriend us.

You may also send us a message via the electronic mail by using the form down below here. If we don’t reply right away, it’s probably on account of the dial-up interweb connection through the Pacific Telephone & Telegraph switchboard in Banta ain’t working proper. Or we’re over to the Banta Inn wettin’ our whistles.

Either way, we’ll get back to you sooner or later!

MUSIC SUBMISSIONS: If you’re interested in sending us some songs you wrote and recorded, please give us a listen first. If your song was recorded in the 1950s or 1960s, then we’ve got a place for you in our music library. If, on the other hand, you’ve done your own modern version of a great Hank Williams or Patsy Cline tune, we’re already playing the original, so you might want to check with our pardners at 105.9 The Bull over in the fair city of Stockton, where they play that there new-fangled stuff.

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Where can you hear KWPX Cowpoke Country Radio?

If you’re within the sound of our signal, tune us in at home or on the road, or listen anywhere around the world using the handy TuneIn app or the spiffy Online Radio Box.

Oh, and you can always click on the little-bitty KWPX Cowpoke Radio app that’s on pretty much every one of these pages and listen right here!

KWPX Cowpoke Country Radio Coverage:

KWPX Banta Coverage Map
Our coverage map, showing the area KWPX Cowpoke Country Radio reaches with its over-the-air signal from our transmitter in the heart of the San Joaquin Delta.

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