KWPX Radio Program Schedule

Hank Williams (Photo)
Hank Williams and the Mother’s Best Flour morning gang

The program schedule here at KWPX Cowpoke Radio is actually quite simple: we play great Country & Western all the time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.*

Except when we don’t, which is usually on weekends when we play some special programs we know you’re going to truly love.

Oh, and the great Hiram King (Hank) Williams hosts our wake-up program every morning around 5 AM, sponsored by Mother’s Best Flour. We don’t think there’s a better way to start your day than hearing old Hank Williams sing a song and plugging Mother’s Best baking flour, cornmeal, laying mash, cow feed and hog ration — but listen fast, because Hank and his crew only hang around for about ten or fifteen minutes before they hit the road.

Here’s our broadcast schedule:

Western Standard Time (Logo)

Western Standard Time

Classic Country & Western Music
All Day and All Night
Every Day

So what’s playing on The Cowpoke?

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Special Cowpoke Programming

Grand Ole Opry Logo

Grand Ole Opry Classics

Saturday Evening at 7 PM
Live and Direct from the historic
Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, Tennessee,
it’s vintage Opry shows from the 1950s.

All Star Western Theater

Saturday Evening at 7:30 PM
Starring Cottonseed Clark, Foy Willing
and the Riders of the Purple Sage
plus special guest stars live from
Hollywood, California.

Country Gospel Songs In Stereo (Image)

Sacred Songs At Sunrise

Sunday Mornings from 5 to 7 AM
Two hours of classic country gospel songs of faith and
inspiration in stereo to get your Sunday started right!

Clear Out West (Jim and Andy Nelson Image)

Clear Out West Radio Show

Sunday Evening at 6 PM
Jim and Andy Nelson host the COW Show,
featuring great music, cowboy poetry,
and just plain goofin’ off!

Gunsmoke Radio Show (Photo)

Cowpoke Classic Western Theater

Sunday Evening at 7 PM
An hour of great old-time radio Westerns,
including The Lone Ranger, Gunsmoke, Gene Autry,
Roy Rogers, Tom Mix, and Hopalong Cassidy.

Legendary Las Vegas Cowpoke (Cartoon)

All times shown are Pacific time zone.

* – Except leap year, which adds one more day full of music!

** – Oh, and hey, “Western Standard Time” is our trademark. So don’t go copying it or using it and acting like it’s your own, because it ain’t, even if there’s nothing up there with two asterisks to let you know that this warning is down here!


19 thoughts on “KWPX Radio Program Schedule

  1. Where is the Western Music? Every day I search for good Western Music, Cowboy classic. Country is not western nor is it cowboy.

    1. Hey K,

      We play old Country, Western and some Cowboy stuff, too.


    2. Finally there is a country and western station that really does everything they’re supposed to do. Out here where I live in Seattle we don’t have a country music station basically a country and western station that is until now. As a matter of fact if we do have a country music station it’s one out here in the Everett area which is near me. Basically it doesn’t play stuff from the 40s and 50s it only plays stuff somewhere between the ’60s all the way to the ’90s basically what I’m talking about is it mainly plays stuff in the 70s 80s and 90s. Now with you guys over here at Cal Polk radio you guys go beyond that you’re just straight classic country and that’s what I love about that stuff. That’s why I used to listen to this stuff when I was in the Stockton area back in the ’60s and seventies mostly in the ’70s. As a matter of fact I used to listen to it on krak 1140. But now you guys are basically taking over. Basically now when I listen to you guys I still think of listening to krak radio. Because they used to play the same stuff you do.

  2. Porter Wagoner’s “Sorrow on the Rocks”?! Damn, did you folks swipe my iPod? Really great collection of tunes!

  3. I remember Cottonseed Clark sitting in his booth near the dump on the San Mateo end of the San Mateo-Hayward Bridge when it came into 3rd. My mother listened to him all the time. So did my Aunt Omie. She lived in Hayward and we lived in San Mateo on Dale Ave. I remember her ’51 Studebaker, bright green 2 door, coming across the old draw bridge. Glad I looked up Cottonseed Clark and found you. You have new fans in central Ohio! I’m spreading the word

    1. Yeah, that was the old KVSM (now known as KTCT or KNBR 1050). In those times there were always two Western stations around the Bay Area, KEEN 1370 in San José and either KVSM 1050 or later KSAY 1010. And KTVU had a weekly Western music show, usually with Blackjack Wayne’s band, to promote his shows that weekend around the Bay Area.

      1. Glad you showed up in these parts, David Kaye! (You and I know each other through a friend of a friend of a friend who is a friend of someone we both know a little bit.)

        I’d be much obliged for anything you can add to my Cottonseed Clark or Black Jack Wayne pieces… because I know you know stuff that I don’t know!

        ~~~~ Cottonmouth Kid 🐍🌵~~~~

  4. Love this radio station I listen from St. John’s Newfoundland Canada.

    1. Nope! We moved from our old, decrepit server to a brand-new shiny one (okay, so it may not be brand-new, but it’s so shiny!) over the weekend, and TuneIn hasn’t updated their listing for us yet.

      We’re told it’s just a matter of hours. Or maybe days.

      ~~~~ COTTON ~~~~

    1. Gracias, Gentleman Jim!

      I’m diggin’ through my box of old 45 records to grab a couple Texas Bill Strength’s I know I got in there. Will throw ’em on and set to spinnin’ ’em shortly.

      ~~~~ COTTONMOUTH 🐍🌵 ~~~~

  5. Always hearing great songs here, and plenty of classic steel guitar. Thanks!

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