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PragueFrank’s indispensable discography website is headquartered in that bastion of Country Music … the Czech Republic!

Sometimes, just settin’ around in the bullpen here at Cowpoke Radio, somebody will ask a question about some long-lost Country and/or Western Music performer or song from the past, and we’ll get to searching the Interwebs to see what we can dig up.

What are our go-to websites for helping to locate those lost treasures? Here’s a few of our favorites:

Rockin’ Country Style

Hillbilly Music dawt com

PragueFrank’s Country Music Discographies (PragueFrank’s original website is here)

Stompin’ Steve’s San Francisco Bay Area Country (an excellent fan-built compendium of records from all genres) (a user-built database of music, listing nearly 10-million recordings by almost 6-million artists)

Southern Gospel History (David Bruce Murray‘s wonderfully detailed compendium dedicated to preserving the legacy of Southern Gospel music)

Singing Cowboy Cartoon

Do you know of a resource we should tappin’ into? We’d be much obliged if you’d share!

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