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The New Cowpoke Radio T-Shirts Are Here!

We been waitin’ for the snappy new Cowpoke Radio T-shirts to arrive, and the UPS driver dumped off a big box of ’em on Thursday.

After we all went through and stole what we wanted, we were going to set some out on a table out front with a sign saying $25 each, but then some folks stopped by from the Banta Inn and knocked on the door to get in and we forgot that we can’t let nobody in to buy some on account of the coronervirus.

So, instead, what you have to do is go to the website that does the shirts for us and order a couple for yourself and your best girl (they have girl sizes) and maybe for your kids and the dog so we can make a few bucks off ’em.

And, dang it, they’re pretty good-looking, if we do say so ourself. The shirts feature Luke The Singin’ Cowpoke right there on the front, with “Cowpoke Radio” written in writing that makes it look like it was written in rope.

Click right about here to visit the Cowpoke Radio T-Shirt Store.

Cowpoke Radio T-Shirt (Photo)
Ugly Jimmy wearing the Cowpoke Radio T-shirt in man size
Cowpoke Radio T-Shirt (Photo)
Here’s Miss Mae Belle (Aunt Clem’s other niece) wearing a Cowpoke Radio T-shirt to prove they also come in sizes fit for ladies and women.

3 thoughts on “The New Cowpoke Radio T-Shirts Are Here!

  1. Just heard about you last night on a Chicago station.
    You make an old man smile!
    Glen Gosa
    Manchester, Georgia

    1. Gracias, Glen! Kind of a kick in the old trousers that a station in Chicago would be talking about a little-bitty pea-shooter in little-bitty Banta!

      ~~~ COTTON ~~~

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