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Country & Western Music Research Resources

Sometimes, just settin’ around in the bullpen here at Cowpoke Radio, somebody will ask a question about some long-lost Country and/or Western Music performer or song from the past, and we’ll get to searching the Interwebs to see what we can dig up. What are our go-to websites for helping to locate those lost treasures?… Continue reading Country & Western Music Research Resources

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Shorty Joe and the Red Rock Canyon Cowboys

In doing a bit of research, The Cottonmouth Kid had made the erroneous assumption that the old Tracy Gardens roadhouse was over here in nearby Tracy. In fact, the Gardens was over in San Jose, on Stevens Creek near Highway 17, where the big Valley Fair shopping center now stands. Stompin’ Steve hepped us to… Continue reading Shorty Joe and the Red Rock Canyon Cowboys

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Dude Martin

John Stephen McSwain — known to his family and friends as “Steve” — was born back in March 1915 on a farm in the Central Valley town of Plainsburg, located pretty much in the heart of California. Steve would grow up, change his stage name to Dude Martin, and became a Western Music entrepreneur, performing with… Continue reading Dude Martin